Golden Project, a leading designer-labeled handcrafted garment export/manufacturer, our factory is located in Shantou, a coastal city in the eastern part of Guangdong province of South mainland China. Shantou has been a prosperous harbor city of China since the 19th Century and was one of the few treaty ports opened to the world for overseas trading and contacts. It was also among the first tier of Special Economic zones (SEZ) established by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in the 1980s. Now, Shantou is one of the major economic and industrial centres of Southern China. Golden Project was founded in 1995. Thanks for the long-term and unwavering support of our trader partners and overseas buyers, we have been able to move our company forward and maintain an extraordinary growth to our business over the past decades. We specialize in skillful handcrafted novelty garments. Our products are exported to Hong Kong, Japan, US and UK markets, have been enjoying exemplary reputation to many overseas buyers and customers.
We own an 6,000 sq feet factory building and employed more than 600 skilled workers. We invested in modern production equipment and facilities. We hired experienced professionals from the industry for our design, production, sales and customer service teams, who work diligently and in coordinated fashion to ensure that our products, designs and services are of the highest quality. Our garment products include hand-knitted sweaters, t-shirts and jackets of various fashionable styles. The annual production capacity can reach over 1,000,000 pcs and our products have been distributed all over the world.
Coming from an enriched heritage, and developing on the foundation of our traditional Chinese craftsmanship, together with the dedication and diligence that we have devoted over the past 15 years, Golden Project has established an unique and well-respected corporate philosophy – An unrivaled reputation and prestige in handcrafted novelty garments; a best-quality commitment; scientific management, progressive and innovative and service excellence. We understand our customers’ and business partners’ needs and preferences. We manage to integrate the best from both Eastern and Western culture into our production and business practices.
Looking forward, we are sincerely hoping to work with you to create greater success and to further develop leading garment products in both domestic and oversea markets.